KS Community Health Worker Coalition


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All are welcome! There are no requirements for you to join us. If you are interested in joining a committee, volunteering as a leader, or simply want to ask a question or make a suggestion, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Advocacy & Sustainability Committee

The goal of the Advocacy & Sustainability Committee is to raise awareness about the value of Community Health Workers in Kansas and to explore sustainable solutions for the Kansas CHW workforce.

The group hopes to:

  • Educate other professionals about CHWs 
  • Educate the community about CHWs 
  • Educate decision makers about CHWs. 
  • Obtain and create sustainable payment models for the CHW workforce
  • Establish a universal understanding of the value of CHWs 
  • Discussing the opportunities for CHW certification. 

Education Committee

The goal of the Education Committee is to continually improve the content and process of Community Health Worker education in Kansas. 

The group hopes to: 

  • Evaluating current education options for CHWs 
  • Providing process improvement recommendations
  • Working to promote reciprocity between Kansas and neighboring states and regions and
  • Discussing the opportunities for CHW certification.