KS Community Health Worker Coalition

Disease Prevention and Management

Self-Management Resource Center – Classes

Small group classes to provide education and support for adults living with one or more chronic health condition.  Programs are designed to help caregivers and patients manage symptoms, improve quality of life and reduce healthcare costs.  See website for information regarding small group availability.

Available in: Johnson, Leavenworth and Wyandotte Counties


Prevent Diabetes KC


Diabetes Prevention Programs
These are year-long lifestyle modification programs designed to keep people with slightly elevated blood sugars from developing diabetes. You can expect to meet with your leader and fellow classmates weekly for the first four months, then monthly for the eight months after that.

University of Kansas Hospital-Adult Refugee Clinic (Wyandotte County) 913-621-1504
*Program open only to Nepalese refugees


Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support

This education is designed to help people already diagnosed with diabetes better manage their disease through diet, physical activity, medications, and work with their health care team. You can expect to attend for several hours with a diabetes educator, sometimes spread out over days or weeks.

Cray Diabetes Self-Management Center The University of Kansas Health System 913-588-6022, option 4

Diabetes Self-Management Education Program Olathe Medical Center, Inc., 913-791-4382

Diabetes Self-Management Education Program-Saint Luke’s South Saint Luke’s Physician Group, Inc, 913-317-3197
Diabetes & Nutrition Education Department at Overland Park Regional Medical Center 913-541-3296