KS Community Health Worker Coalition

Support Services

Community Health Worker Resources

This CHW help tool provides information on diabetes, asthma, cancer, general resources, infectious disease, injury prevention, obesity and physical activity.  There are also options for regular updates, what’s new, and additional collaboration resources.


Community Health Online Resource Center

Additional resources through the CDC.  This link also includes statistics, health equities, schools, social and emotional wellness, along with resources for improving community health.


DSHS CHW Certification Course
Course Outline

A full certificate training course providing all of the needs of communities and skills CHWs should have to help those around them.


Helpers Helping Helpers

This Facebook group is open to people helping others locate goods, services, and resources.  Simply search Helpers Helping Helpers on Facebook to become part of the group and connect with other people also seeking information.


Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition

The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition is a statewide organization working to promote, protect and support breastfeeding.  Meetings are held by local breastfeeding coalitions.  These are open to be started if there is not one in the area, or if more support is needed.


Metropolitan Community College

The Community Health Worker Program Specialist certification through Metropolitan Community College requires 100 class room hours and 60 service learning hours, credit may be awarded for past experience.  Contact Sandy Snook, MSW for schedule options available.


Patient-Centered Interviewing
The Beginning of the Interview

This document provides a detailed breakdown of the patient-centered interviewing process.


Patient Interview Questions
Sample Questions

These questions provide open-ended questions to ask patients who may not be as open to talking or may not elaborate beyond the basic information asked. This will help CHWs to gather the most information available and relevant to their needs.


Types of Nonverbal Communication

Wen communicating there is more than just the words said. This guide helps you to identify additional types of communication beyond facial expressions and tone.