Role Descriptions for Vacant Leadership Positions

Executive Committee Members’ Role Definition

  • 1-2 year terms
  • Can serve up to 2 consecutive terms
  • 50% of positions will be CHWs
  • Positions by election/appointment/volunteer
  • Positions are by election/appointment and then voted on by the Executive Committee
  • Elections by Executive Committee
  • Attendance requirement: If you must miss a meeting, notify WSU staff or another Executive Committee member in advance.
  • Should not miss more than two meetings per year (within reason)
  • Report out at meetings and actively participate

Regional Representatives’ Guidelines

  • Fulfill Executive Committee roles
  • Representatives will provide regional updates on activities or workforce “happenings” in their area. This should be limited to 2-3 points per month.
  • Representatives should actively participate in Executive Committee meetings to provide much needed perspective
  • Representatives should be positioned in a way that they can provide an informal needs assessment of their region.
  • If regional representatives need guidelines, please answer these questions:
    • How can the coalition support your region?
    • What is happening in your region? (e.g., meetings taking place, presentations being offered, etc.)
    • What should be happening in your region?

Committee Co-Chair Guidelines

  • Work with WSU staff to develop meeting agendas
  • Provide meeting facilitation after you are comfortable
  • Participate in discussions
  • Participate in meetings
  • Provide updates for your committee at monthly Executive Committee meetings
  • Assist with committee objectives
  • Fulfill Executive Committee roles