Diana Lady

Diana Lady is a Health Promoter for the Kansas Statewide Farmworker Health Program (KSFHP). Diana was born and raised in Bogota’,¬†Colombia and began working with individuals who had learning disabilities, mainly children and the elderly. It was this work that ignited her passion to help others and to work in her community.

After moving to the United States, she chose to pursue a career in medical interpreting where she learned about the role of a Community Health Worker (CHW is also known as Health Promoter). As one of seven Health Promoters at KSFHP, they connect KS farm workers and their families to preventative, primary, prenatal, and mental medical services.

Diana loves her work as a Health Promoter because it allows for her to be the link between the clients and providers and she finds great reward in knowing that it will lead them to better health and better lives. Above all, Diana loves that she is able to empower her clients to take charge of their own lives by teaching her clients how to be an advocate for themselves. She takes tremendous joy in having them know they are valued, strong, and important. Years from now she hopes to see the CHW profession have an established scope of practice with a specific educational curriculum and set of professional protocols in place.