KS Community Health Worker Coalition

Carolina Biagi grew up in a small town in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At age fourteen, while going to school at night, Carolina started to work with her community helping people overcome barriers to meet their health and social needs. Even at that time, Carolina was enhancing her skills to become a Community Health Worker. During her college years in Business Management, at age nineteen, Carolina had the opportunity to come to United States to study. After moving to attend Los Angeles Valley College, to study English, she also learned Spanish from her classmates. Later on, she engaged with both the Brazilian and Spanish community through her church and became an advocate and a role model for the community she was embedded with. In 2016 Carolina moved to Kansas City and she, once again, engaged with the community and took the Community Health Worker training. Today Carolina works as a Community Health Worker with Kansas City CARE Clinic and the Community Health Council of Wyandotte, assisting the underserved and underinsured individuals, especially with the Latino and Refugee population. Carolina continues to thrive as a high performer Community Health Worker and to grow as a person as she serves the community.